Today We’re Gonna Talk About Fleas

Fleas are often associated with bed bugs too because they are both miniscule in size and their bites cause itchiness. The eggs of both insects can be very difficult to see or detect as well, which makes them hard to get rid of. Most importantly, you’ll need to also destroy these eggs along with the adult versions of the pests or they’d just come back again. Both fleas and bed bugs have a rather short life cycle, and that could be a problem too. Because of their relatively short life cycle, they lay eggs constantly everywhere and without exterminating this cause, your efforts will be futile. For pet lovers, you’d also need to treat your pets with anti flea sprays.

fleas on dogFleas tend to cling onto pets from outdoor areas, which is why it is advisable that you always give your pet a quick spray with anti flea sprays before letting them into the house. There is also a likelihood that fleas from the outside may leg eggs on your pets as well, especially if your pet has long fur or hair. To combat this, it is recommended that you comb your pets with a pet comb (sometimes also called a flea comb) from time to time.

Some flea combs come with medicinal properties or chemical agents that you can apply on them yourself. This way, the medicine from the comb will stay on your pets’ fur as you give them a comb. Flea collars are also a very popular way to get rid of such pests. A flea collar is effective because it works constantly, around the clock. As long as your dog or cat’s wearing it, the medicine will work its way into your pet and any fleas that are latched on your pet will die by themselves.